Wheatgerm Base Carrier Oil

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50ml Wheatgerm Base Carrier Oil

Wheat originated in the ancient Fertile Crescent area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf and is now one of the world's main food sources, both for humans and domesticated animals.  

Wheatgerm oil is extracted from the nutrient rich germ which is a by–product of the flour milling process. The germ contains around 10% oil which, in its crude form, is dark amber in appearance with a wholesome nutty odour.

  • antioxidant - great source of Vitamin E 
  • deeply hydrating for dry and mature skin  
  • a natural preservative for your essential oil blends 
  • best to use wheatgerm is another blend at around 10% 

Colour and Smell: Its color ranges from clear orange to yellow in color and tastes like wheat, the smell is a little strong.

Texture: Very Rich (not suitable as a base for massage oils)

Shelf Life:  1 year

Origin: United States