Thai Elephant - Good Luck - Terraccotta & Sky Blue

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A beautiful classic Good Luck Elephant figure to create a space of calm and tranquility in your home or meditation space.  This Good Luck Elephant is hand painted with a terracotta effect.

Elephants are a powerful symbol throughout the world.  They are said to bring protection, good luck, courage and wisdom.  It's often considered that an Elephant with the trunk up symbolises the showering of good luck. In Feng Shui, the main rule for placing an elephant in your home is to always have it facing into the room. 
For Hindus, the Elephant is a form of Ganesha who is the God of luck, wealth and protection.  

A lovely figure to have in your home or to give as a gift. 

Available in three size heights - 11cm, 14cm and 21cm

Origin: China

Materials: Resin