Sweet Almond Base Carrier Oil

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50ml Sweet Almond Base Carrier Oil

Sweet Almond Base Oil  The fruit of the tree is not actually a nut but a drupe, which means a fleshy outer skin with a hard shell inside it that contains the seed.

Sweet Almond Oil is a popular massage oil. This super light oil helps the hands glide across the skin and has the ideal speed of absorption for performing massage. It stays on the skin long enough to perform the massage, keeping the skin moisturised without being greasy.

  • helps to heal superficial skin burns and soothe dry and chapped skin, as well as skin affected by dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis  
  • medium-light texture has is non-greasy and has a quick absorption rate so ideal for use in facial care, massages, and on skin that is sensitive or acne-prone 
  • boosts collagen production, keeps skin hydrated and supple 
  • helps to protect against potential damage caused by UV radiation 
  • restores nail health  
  • boosts circulation and helps with varicose veins and spider veins
  • great oil to hydrate hair and scalp and to repair damage and dryness
Colour and Smell: Colourless to pale yellow.  Odourless.

    Texture: Very Light Oil.

    Shelf Life: 1 year

    Origin: United States