Scalp Massage Oil

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50ml Scalp Massage Oil 

Scalp massage has been used for thousands of years to encourage healthy hair growth and, oh, it feels so good! 

Use our tingly blend of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus pure essential oils to get the best scalp massage 

  • increase circulation in your scalp  
  • encourage growth and rejuvenation 
  • experience deep relaxation 

    Packed with the power of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils blended with Pure Grapeseed oil

    A few scalp massage tips (but mainly just do what feels good!)

    • relax, get comfy and get used to the feeling of massaging your scalp in a circular motion 
    • grab large sections of your hair (keeping knuckles in contact with your scalp) and pull on the hair (gently!) over your whole head
    • locate the dimples just behind the tops of your ears and apply pressure with your fingers for a few seconds.  Release and repeat three times
    • lift your head and neck gently and slowly roll to the left; hold for one second, and release. Repeat this step to the right
    • cup both your hands under your neck. Gently lift your head and hold your head in that stretch position for a couple of seconds
    • apply gentle but firm pressure to the hollows at the base of your skull

      Natural aromatherapy health and wellbeing for your mind and body.

      Massage Oils are cost-effective - to buy each individual oil and blend can be both expensive and time consuming.  Our Massage Oils are blended in the UK in Grapeseed Oil

      Our Scalp Massage Oil is created using Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Essential Oils and Pure Grapeseed Oil.