Organite Power Pendant - Seven Stone Chakra Oval with Tree

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Orgonite Power Pendant - Seven Stone Chakra Oval with Tree

Sometimes known as power flow objects, these Orgonite Pendants are made with gemstone chips, copper, metal filings and have esoteric objects inside.

Orgonite has become very popular as a spiritual healing tool, and as protection against electromagnetic pollution from items such as TVs, computers, microwave and 5G.  Many people report positive emotional and physical effects by using contact with organite

In any event, they are enchanting, mystical objects that are beautiful in their own right. 

Organite is created by artisans with spiritual inspiration.  Please note that due to the nature of the item and its creative process, the designs may vary and the images are for illustration purposes only.

Size: 5cm x 3cm x 1cm 

Weight: 15g

Origin: India