Luxury Lavender Wheat Bags with Gift Box - Warmth and Pain Relief

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Luxury Lavender Wheat Bags with Rope Handles in Gift Box - for Warmth and Pain Relief 

Give yourself a luxurious, warm hug

Luxurious Lavender Wheat Bags. Each wheat bag is filled with mixture of wheat, lavender flowers and pure lavender essential oils. Natural rope handles and arty prints create a beautiful, natural feel. Finished with a lovely gift bag.

Wheat has a unique cellular structure which can absorb heat or cold quickly and then release it evenly, helping conditions such as back pain, menstrual pains, aching joints etc. Lavender is renowned for helping to relieve tension and pain so you can imagine how relaxing these are combined.

The Wheat Bag will do wonders for your knotted muscles and relax your neck muscles when draped across your shoulders.  We use these ourselves and chilling on the sofa after a hard day is a complete feeling of heaven, particularly in the winter. 

You can also freeze your Wheat Bag which will then help with pain relief and reducing inflammation and swelling.  

Choose from: 

  • Blossom 
  • Blue Sky 
  • Cornfield 
  • Sleeping 
  • Butterfly & Roses 
  • Lavender Comforts

Caution: if the Wheat Bag is not helping a particular issue, discontinue and see your GP. Do not use heat on a fresh injury or acute inflammation and don't use on the belly during pregnancy. 

Origin: UK

Weight: 75g

Dimensions: 40x12.5x4.5cm

Just pop in the microwave. An excellent and safe alternative to hot water bottles.