Mandarin Essential Oil

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10ml Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin essential oil is the sweetest of the citrus oils and is very uplifting.  Mandarin blends well with many other oils, especially jasmine, sandalwood and bergamot

Mandarin Essential Oil is obtained from Citrus Reticulata, by cold compression of the peel. The oil is golden yellow-orange and has the aroma of a fresh orange. An entire group of citrus fruits come under the umbrella of Mandarin oranges, including Satsuma, Clementine, Dancy, Honey, Pixie, and tangerines.

This oil is very gentle and with its tonic and stimulating effect on both the stomach and the liver it is helpful for digestive problems.

Mandarin oil is also useful for treating acne, oily skin, and spots. 

The Mandarin oranges are so called because they were traditionally offered as gifts to the mandarins of China. In France, the Mandarin is considered a safe remedy to treat indigestion in children, and for the elderly as it helps strengthen the digestive system and the liver.  

Mandarin is not recommended in massage for people with sensitive skin, but can be vaporised.  Essential oils are powerful and highly concentrated.  They can be harmful if not used carefully so it is important to use them safely.  Do not take any oils internally and do not apply to the skin undiluted.  Do not use any oils during pregnancy or if you have any medical issues without taking medical advice or under the guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner.  Consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using oils on children. 

Origin: Italy