Macadamia Base Carrier Oil

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50ml Macadamia Base Carrier Oil

Macadamia nut oil is thought to penetrate the skin better and more deeply than most other carrier oils and leaves no oily residue which makes it a great base oil to use for massage blends.

As skin matures it produces less sebum, making Macadamia Nut Oil perhaps the perfect oil for ageing skin.  
  • non-greasy, smooth and penetrates well 
  • highly emollient so is great for mature or dry skin   
  • helps with redness and itching   
  • its properties promote healing of wounds, burns and scratches   
  • packed with vitamin E so helps to repair cell damage 
  • hypoallergenic    

Colour and Smell: Clear with a slight yellow hue. The oil is more aromatic than other nut oils and is very sweet

Origin: Australia