Lava Stone Gemstone Bracelets - Oil Diffusing Bracelets

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Lava Stone Gemstone Bracelets - Oil Diffusing Bracelets

Browse our collection of Lava Stone Gemstone Bracelets - which ones are you drawn to?  

Lava stones (also known as basalt) are formed from the cascade of energy that happens when volcanoes erupt.  Under intense pressure the lava shoots out of the volcano and runs down the side.  This liquid, once dried, creates the lava stone

Because of their form of creation, lava stones are considered to be stones of rebirth. They are also said to have grounding and anchoring qualities as they have such a strong connection to the earth.  

As well as looking beautiful, lava stones are an ideal way to carry around your favourite essential oil as they are excellent diffusers.  Just place 1-2 drops of your favourite oil on a couple of the lava stones and it will be with you all day.  Use a cotton swab to dab the oil onto the stones.  

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Lava Stone Gemstone Bracelets - ideal oil diffusers - choose from: 

  • Leaf Turquoise    
  • Tribal Rock Quartz    
  • Buddha Rose Quartz    
  • Fish Amethyst    
  • Hamsa Chakra   
  • Buddha Chakra   
  • Elephant Chakra  
  • Solar System   
  • Hamsa Tigers Eye   
  • Axehead Carnelian   

Whether you choose gemstones for their beauty and unique qualities, or because certain stones give out positive energy or properties, they will look beautiful and are a perfect accessory, either for yourself or as a very special gift. 

Because they are created from natural products, each piece of our lava stone and semi precious stone bracelets may vary slightly.

No need to worry about fit as they have plenty of stretch! 

Which ones are your favourites?

Origin: China 

Gemstone diameter - approx 8mm