Indian Rune Stones Sets with Pouch

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Indian Rune Stones Sets with Pouches 

Bring out your inner Viking ...

Rune Stones are steeped in mystery, myth and magik.

Their use reaches back through the centuries to ancient Germanic and Nordic peoples as an ancient form of oracle for those seeking advice and guidance.

Each Rune Set consists of 25 stones - 24 with a rune symbol and one blank one.  Each rune symbol is not only a letter of the alphabet but also has a symbolic meaning. 

Using Runes

Have fun with the stones - they don't give exact answers or advice but are rather guides.  Use your intuition and work with them!  Find a quiet place where you can clear your mind and focus on your question or situation. 

There are various types of casting your rune stones but the simplest one is to pick out one stone and see where your intuition takes you. In an ideal situation runes are cast on an east-west axis or facing the sun and are cast on a white cloth. 

Choose from the following beautiful rune stones - which one are you drawn to? 

  • Green Aventurine: known as a lucky stone and a talisman
  • Red Jasper: grounding and stabilising 
  • Grey Agate: earth stone, balancing, strengthening
  • Bloodstone: grounding, strengthens the root chakra 
  • White Agate: earth stone, balancing, releasing  
  • Lapis: a truly noble stone, spiritual, intuitive 
  • Rose Quartz: the classic stone of love, open, trusting
  • Amethyst: a superhero stone, spiritual and protective
  • Tigers Eye: balancing, centering, calming
  • Black Onyx: powerful, helps to dispel fears and self-doubt

Channel that Ancient Magik! 

Origin: India