Handmade Indian Cotton Wall Hangings - Buddhas/Elephants/Mandalas/Tree of Life

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Handmade in India, stunning cotton Wall Hangings.  These wall hangings depict various glorious scenes taken from ancient traditions and are alive with vibrant, rich colours - real works of art. The scenes include: 

  • Elephant Mandala 
  • Tree with Adam and Eve 
  • Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Skull 
  • Elephant Tree 
  • Peaceful Buddha 
  • Dreamcatcher 
  • Hamsa Hand 
  • Chakra Buddha 
  • Herbal Leaf
  • Tree of Life - Classic 
  • Round Mandala 
  • Tree of Strength 
  • Elephant 
  • Sacred OM

Our Cotton Wall Hangings are full of symbolic meanings and Buddha prints taken from ancient Indian traditions and Gods, these designs will add colour and atmosphere to your home. Add to an equally colourful decorative style or include in a neutral palette for a pop of colour and a real talking point. 

These are artisan works of art and not cheap mass produced machine printed items.

The Wall Hangings have vivid exotic designs and some items are decorated with hundreds of hand-stitched sequins that give the pictures an added dimension.

💛Great quality

💛 Beautifully designed 

💛 Brilliant value for money

Size 78 x 112cm

Handmade in India from Cotton