Handmade Hati-Hati Suar Wood Angel - Guardian

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Handmade Hati-Hati Suar Wood Angel - Guardian 

Hati-Hati  wooden angels are hand carved in mountain villages in Bali from Suar wood, a sustainable hardwood.

This wood is used to create beautiful and often sacred images. Placed in handmade batik cotton bags, Hati-Hati Angels make beautiful, cultural and caring gifts. 

This lovely Hati-Hati Guardian Angel is available in two sizes

  • 15cm
  • 20cm

Every Hati-Hati Angel has been carefully carved by hand, sun dried, finished, polished and painted by artisans in rural areas of Bali.

Hati-hati is a common Indonesian word meaning take care. So these angels are designed to bring love and caring to all who hold them.

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