Handmade Extra Large Bali Dreamcatcher - Cream/Coffee/Chocolate

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Handmade Extra Large Bali Dreamcatcher - Cream/Coffee/Chocolate

This Dreamcatcher is handmade in the spiritually blessed island of Bali.  

The Spirits of the Night can bring good and bad dreams. The good dreams pass through the dream catcher and the bad, not knowing the way, become tangled in the web and perish with the first light of dawn. In Bali, the locals are very much in touch with the spirit world and have adopted the dream catcher and renewed it's power.

This hand crafted Dreamcatcher features a 32cm wooden ring hand wrapped in cream, coffee and Chocolate faux suede cord, followed by one 11cm and three 9cm rings hanged on durable strings. All rings features cream strings with small wooden beads spiralling towards the centre. Hanging below are 11 sets of 4 feathers.

- Hand crafted Dream Catcher

- Top ring 32 cm diameter

- Total hanging length approx 115 cm

- Comes with small card explaining dream catcher legend

Made with love with added blessings - Sweet Dreams!