Handcarved Indonesian Wooden Elephant - White or Turquoise

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A beautiful Handcarved Good Luck Elephant figure.  These  Elephants have been lightly painted in white and turquoise colours with an added touch of golden glitter. 

Elephants symbolise noble traits such as wisdom, courage, stature and strength. These beautiful Handcarved Elephants will bring an old world feeling of Bali into any room. Handcarved in Indonesia from Albesia wood, which is a fast-growing sustainable tree which can grow to 70 feet in just a few years and is found all over South East Asia. 

Ornamental Elephants are symbols of good luck and these make a perfect gift for an elephant lover or anyone who appreciates the skill it takes to craft such a fine piece. As each elephant is handmade, colour, designs and dimensions may vary slightly, making each one a unique collectable.

Available in either White or Turquoise 

Origin: Indonesia 

Dimensions: 8 x 27 x 24 cm

Materials: Albesia Wood