Hamsa Pink and Black Lava Stone Necklace

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Hamsa Pink and Black Lava Stone Necklace

Lava stones (also known as basalt) are formed from the cascade of energy that happens when volcanoes erupt.  Under intense pressure the lava shoots out of the volcano and runs down the side.  This liquid, once dried, creates the lava stone

Because of their form of creation, lava stones are considered to be stones of rebirth. They are also said to have grounding and anchoring qualities as they have such a strong connection to the earth.  

This Hamsa pink and black Lava Stone neckalace is beautifully decorated with pink and black beads and extra bling with small silver flowers and hematite objects. Both eye candy and soul food. 

Our talented designer has incorporated elements of east and western culture, mixed in a heavy dose of mysticism.

10x4x3 cm

Origin: China