Gemstone Power Bracelets - Reiki/Chakra/Energy

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Gemstone Power Bracelets  

Browse our collection of Gemstone Power Bracelets - which ones are you drawn to?

Each design of bracelet  has a different gemstone and a tag that describes the traditional "power" of that gemstone. All of them look great but why not wear several at once (and get multiple superpowers!)

Gemstones Power Bracelets 

  • Tigers Eye - Overcoming Fear   
  • Rose Quartz - Love and Reconciliation   
  • Black Agate - Strength and Protection   
  • Blood Garnet - Bringing Passion   
  • White Jasper - Peace and Friendship  
  • Moss Agate - Awaken Talents  
  • Amethyst - Calmness and Clarity 
  • Honey Crystal - Attract Wealth  
  • Jade - Attract Love  
  • Sodalite - Truth and Clear Thinking  
  • Green Jasper - Healing and Nurturing  
  • Opalite - Wisdom and Understanding 

Whether you choose gemstones for their beauty and unique qualities, or because certain stones give out positive energy or properties, they will look beautiful and are a perfect accessory, either for yourself or as a very special gift. 

Because they are created from natural products, each piece of our semi precious stone bracelets may vary slightly.

No need to worry about fit as they have plenty of stretch! 

Which ones are your favourites?

Origin: China 

Gemstone diameter - approx 8mm