Gemstone Double Wrap Bracelets with Celtic Knot Button

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Gemstone Double Wrap Bracelets with Celtic Knot Button

Browse our collection of Gemstone Double Wrap Bracelets - which ones are you drawn to?  

These Double Wrap bracelets are made with 4mm gemstones and beads in beautiful colours - so eye-catching.   

The gemstones are hand paired with a variety of coloured waxed leather cord and the bracelet closes with a silver-tone Celtic knot button.

Each bracelet has two sizing loops so that you may pick the loop that fits your wrist best.

Gemstone Double Wrap Bracelets - choose from: 

  • 50/50 Rubystone and White Agate    
  • 50/50 Turquoise and White Agate    
  • Amazonian and Flowers    
  • Moss Agate    
  • Multi Stones with Floral Detail    
  • 50/50 Turquoise and Tigers Eye    
  • Lapis and Turtles  
  • Multi Stone Chakra    
  • Grey Stone with Mini Globes    
  • Turquoise and White Agate 
  • Tigers Eye and Buddha 
  • Navy Style with Lapis  

Whether you choose gemstones for their beauty and unique qualities, or because certain stones give out positive energy or properties, they will look beautiful and are a perfect accessory, either for yourself or as a very special gift. 

Because they are created from natural products, each piece of our gemstone and semi precious stone bracelets may vary slightly.

Which ones are your favourites?

Origin: China 

Dimensions: 10x4x3 cm

Gemstone diameter - approx 4mm