Fractionated Coconut Base Carrier Oil

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50ml Fractionated Coconut Base Carrier Oil

Coconut Oil in it's purest form is solid at room temperature. The process of 'fractionating' the oil removes some of the proteins and fatty acids from the oil and in the process makes it a liquid.

Fractionated coconut oil is very light and leaves the skin feeling silky and hydrated without the grease (grease has its place but that place is not clogging up your skin!) 

Fractionated Coconut oil is a perfect carrier oil as its colourless and odourless so it's a great vehicle for all essential oils.  

  • excellent for dry and stressed skin without clogging pores   
  • great for hair as it helps to retain proteins  
  • ideal for sensitive skin
  • ideal for massage  

Texture: easy to pour 

Shelf Life: 1 year

Origin: Indonesia