Facial Gemstone Roller - Amethyst with 100% Cotton Pouch

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Facial Gemstone Roller - Amethyst with 100% Cotton Pouch

Invest in your skin - it will always thank you! 

How do you roll!

Sounds almost too good to be true doesn't it? A gemstone from deep within the earth that will help to: 

  • enable your moisturisers and serums to be absorbed more fully 
  • fight wrinkles 
  • stimulate blood circulation to the face - brightening and tightening 
  • tackle puffiness and drain toxins by stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • cool and sooth your skin - pop your roller in the fridge before use
  • reduce anxiety - the massaging can be deeply relaxing
  • give you a great facial massage
  • bring a natural flow to your face

Our Facial Gemstone Rollers can do all the above!  It's like having a facial every day!  

This Facial Roller is created from Amethyst  which is a truly beautiful gemstone and has been valued for centuries, especially in meditation. Amethysts are said to help to create tranquility and calm and to absorb negative energy.

This is how you Roll! 

Apply your product (moisturiser, oil or serum) to ensure you have enough slip to let your Gemstone Roller slide nicely over your skin 

  • Roll upwards from the neck  
  • Roll from the jawline up to the ear, and on to the cheekbone 
  • Roll from the forehead out towards the temples
  • Roll flat over the eyebrows horizontally 
  • Use the smaller roller around your eye area 

Each Gemstone Face Roller includes a 100% cotton pouch to keep it safe.

Size: height 15cm; width 6cm (top), 4cm (bottom); depth 2cm 

Origin: China