Artisan Handcarved Yoga Cat - Lotus Pose

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Artisan Handcarved Yoga Cat - Lotus Pose

OK, we admit we find cats irresistible! So these beautiful Yoga Cats handcarved by Indonesian artisans are right up our street (so much so, we have all three!)

The Yoga Cats are handcarved from Suar wood, a fast-growing, durable tree. They will make themselves at home and make a gorgeous addition to your room, yoga studio or special space. 

Inhaling and exhaling deeply, these wooden cats practice Hindu yoga and, although carved in similar poses, every handcrafted carving is unique.  Of course, we couldn't resist the pictures of real cats doing their best pose!

Which one will join you?

Origin: Indonesia

Weight: 350g

Dimensions: 6x12x30cm