925 Silver and 18k Gold Earrings - Hamsa - Gift Boxed

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925 Silver and 18k Gold Earrings - Hamsa

We love this handmade collection! These gorgeous silver and gold earrings are part of our stunning 925 Silver and 18k Gold Combination Jewellery.  The beautiful packaging complements the piece, making the earrings a very special gift, whether for yourself or someone else special to you.    

When you open the gift box on this silver jewellery you can see it says "..wear with confidence.." not just because it is beautiful - but also because it is ethically sourced.

A really special piece of jewellery, creatively and lovingly made in Indonesia by hand.

  • Height with Drop: 2.5cm
  • Fitting: Hook 
  • Metal : 18k Gold  & 925 Silver
  • Weight: 1 gram