Orgonite Power Pendants and Power Packs - Healing and Protection


Orgonite is created by mixing resin, crystals and metal.  It's said by many to mitigate the the negative electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and turn them into positive ones. Examples of common EMFs are your phone, computer, TV, microwave, fridge and power outlets. 

Orgonite has become very popular as a spiritual healing tool, and as protection against electromagnetic pollution, especially with the introduction of 5G. Many report beneficial and protective effects such as improved sleep and pain reduction.  All our Organite objects are very special, but check out the Orgonite Water Wand, it contains holy water from the Ganges.

Our Organite collection is made with gemstone chips, copper and metal filings and have esoteric objects inside. 

Orgonite is all artisan made with spiritual inspiration so designs may slightly vary to those pictured.