Oil Burners & Diffusers


There are so many benefits to essential oil burners and diffusers

Aroma Diffusers are timeless and elegant.  Just water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil will keep your home smelling amazing - the natural way!

They are flameless and smoke-free.  The Aroma Diffusers use an ultrasonic motor to pump out the water and they are very quiet during use.  They feature a colour changing mood light and are very easy to operate and maintain. 

Whether you love a sweet, floral aroma or a fresh, clean fragrance is your thing, just choose the appropriate blend and feel relaxed, energised or focused - depending on the essential oil blend you add to your diffuser.   

Our Oil Burners range from classic white ceramic to handcarved Indonesian Sandstone and everything in between.  Simply place a tea light in the base and a few drops of essential oil in the bowl.  A great gift for your aromatherapy loving friends (or yourself of course!)