Handcrafted Tibetan Mantra Bracelets - Copper and Brass


Tibetan Mantra Bracelets - handcrafted on the roof of the world!

Copper has been used for centuries to create jewellery and many believe it has health benefits, including relief from arthritis pain.  In ancient times copper symbolised love and balance and was often worn during meditation or yoga. Metaphysically, it is said to assist in balancing the chakras. 

Sometimes copper and brass (made from copper and zinc) may cause your skin to take on a greenish tinge. This is due to a natural oxidation process caused by the metal reacting with the acids in your skin or a substance on your skin such as cream or lotion. One of the main triggers is perspiration so it's more likely to occur on hot days.  This process is not harmful to the skin and will fade if your jewellery is removed for a while.

It is advisable to clean your jewellery regularly, don't wear it while swimming and remove when using cleaning products.    

The bracelets can be gently bent to fit any wrist. 

These beautiful pieces reflect their stunning origin at the top of the world!