Angels and Dragons


Browse this space to find wild, majestic dragons and beautiful, calming angels.

Dragons are one of the planet's most enduring and wide-ranging mythological creatures. Rich tales of dragons span cultures all over the globe and amazing artwork and statues of these fill all forms of media and environments. 

Angels surround us in many forms in myriad cultural references.  They are said to be our protectors and guides and can offer extra support in times of need.  There are signs that are said to indicate their presence such as the appearance of white feathers. 

Our Hati-Hati wooden angels are hand carved in mountain villages from Suar wood which is a sustainable hardwood. This wood is used to create beautiful and often sacred images. Placed in handmade batik cotton bags, Hati-Hati Angels make beautiful and caring gifts. Hati-hati is a common Indonesian word meaning take care. So these angels are designed to bring love and care to all who hold them.

 We're sure you'll be able to find a dragon or angel that calls to you