925 Sterling Silver Earrings


We adore silver jewellery!  Silver is eternally beautiful. It looks stunning in all it's many forms - from fine silver chains to chunky, quirky rings - both timeless and modern.  

We've got a gorgeous collection of 925 silver earrings and we're always on the lookout for pieces to add to our collection.  

Pure silver is too soft for the purpose of making jewellery so the 925 mark means that your precious piece of jewellery is made with 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy (usually copper but not always).  The terms 925 and sterling silver are interchangeable as they both have the same meaning.  

Silver jewellery should carry a hallmark but items that fall beneath specified weight thresholds are exempt (7.78 grams for silver) so it's possible that small earrings, for example, may not be hallmarked. Fake silver is not uncommon so be wary even if a piece is stamped with the 925 mark. If the price seems too good to be true then it probably is! 

How to care for your silver

Try to keep your silver out of sunlight when not wearing it and don't spray perfume directly onto it.  Try not to wear it in the shower - it's not keen on shower gel! Chemicals and jewellery don't mix well!  

How to clean your silver 

  • Give your 925 silver a regular polish with a soft cloth.  If it needs more of a clean, try hot soapy water and always dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.  Don't leave silver to air dry as this may cause spotting.  You can also use the silver cloths that are already impregnated with a cleaning agent. 
  • Be careful with the cleaning solutions - they are very strong.
  • Unless your silver is plated with a coating such as rhodium, it will eventually tarnish but it should be easy to bring it back to it's finest shine.    
  • An economical, green way to banish any tarnish is to line a plastic container with foil, fill with boiling water and bicarbonate of soda (1-2 tbls per litre of water).  Give your silver a bath in this solution.  Leave for a few minutes, carefully remove and polish with a soft cloth. 

If your silver is set with gemstones it's important that you don't let any chemicals touch the gemstones.  Also, if you have antique silver, please get professional advice before attempting any cleaning. 

Silver is associated with purity, femininity and the moon.  And, if you happen to come across any werewolves on a dark night, a silver bullet would be very useful...